Body Massage & Facial 90min


This treatment is pure indulgence from head to toe. It combines a 45min Body Massage followed by a 45min Facial Treatment. You can choose to have a Remedial, Swedish or Aromatherapy style massage.

 Massage & Sauna 90min


Begin your treatment with a 30min Infrared Sauna to warm up and relax the muscles for a more effective massage treatment. You have the choice of a Remedial, Swiss or Aromatherapy massage. This is the perfect therapeutic muscle melt to take away stiffness and make you feel lighter and more invigorated. 

Detox Ritual 120min

Breathe fresh life into the skin and deliver renewed energy and positivity to both mind and body. This invigorating treatment includes a Body Polish with Sauna followed by a focus massage. This treatment will be customised based on your specific areas of stress and tension. Finishing off with a Detoxifying Sea Algae Facial.