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Virgo Full Moon- What does this mean for you?

Welcome to the Virgo Full Moon, the time when the spotlight is on health and wellness, organisation and planning. Virgo brings us back to earth, encouraging us to take care of the day-to-day details of life. The full moon is exact on March 18, 2022 at 6.18pm Sydney time, 27 degrees Virgo/Pisces.

Full moons demand action. They are decision points, a time when something is in full view. As the complement to Pisces Season, Virgo pushes us to bring Pisces’s hazy focus into sharper view. It brings forward the intentions and initiatives that we seeded at the Pisces New Moon of March 2.

For all the dreams and wishes of this season as we prepare for the coming astrological new year, we have to take steps to make things real.

Although Virgo is a sign that has a reputation for being about health and work, it’s at its core a sign that’s about systems, particularly the personal systems that run our lives. We must ask ourselves … Can my life run more smoothly? Where are things out of balance? Am I paying attention to the details? Can something use more dedication, craft, and planning?

We see a curious dynamic in this full moon when we follow Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, over to Pisces. Mercury joins three others plants — the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune — for a lineup that blurs some of Virgo’s usual clear headedness.

Whatever we’re bringing into reality right now can’t be so rigid and practical that it loses its flexibility and magic. We have to align our actions with something greater than ourselves, perhaps even a higher calling. Earthly service has to be in alignment with spiritual service. We have to learn to surrender, let go, and be a conduit for visions, ideals, and altruism that transcend the ego. Physical health and wellness and healing needs to address emotional and spiritual concerns.

Whenever there is a heavy lineup of Pisces with a line tracing back to Virgo, it reminds me how we need to make our spirituality and faith real and liveable, otherwise we’re like a monk in a cave on a mountaintop, so removed from real life that we lose touch with it.

So, remember your grounding in the coming days. If your intuition or even your heart is telling you something that you know deeply to be true, use the Virgo Full Moon to draw up plans and take actionable steps. But there’s likely an internal conflict we have to resolve, learning to find peace with the things we can change and the things we can’t change.

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