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WHEN : Monday 14th November

TIME : 6:30 - 8.30pm
LOCATION : 23 Pitt St, Mortdale

COST : $45

Hosted by : Tafline

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I have a real passion to help people who are suffering from anxiety and who are affected by

My aim is to create a safe space where everyone can share where they are at with anxiety with a group of people who truly understand what you are going through

Complimentary Therapist in Palliative Care

Are you looking for a group where you can safely share how you navigate through life while
experiencing anxiety?
Then join me, as I share my own personal story and offer
practical advice and hope, on how you can start living your life again while managing anxiety.

My 2hr workshop will cover :

  •  Breathing techniques to help with panic attacks

  •  EFT Tapping to combat anxiety

  • The importance of a healthy diet and exercise

  • Implementing a morning and evening routine to successfully manage your mindset and manage anxiety

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