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TIME  : 3:00pm - 5:00pm
LOCATION : 23 Pitt St, Mortdale

COST : $99 per session

Hosted by : Pamela Badman


One in 6 couples will struggle to fall pregnant throughout their lives and these statistics are only increasing due to higher than ever levels of stress.

Hypnosis can increase success rates of pregnancy during IVF treatments by upto 50%!

Founder of Calm Conception* Hypnosis Program
Kundalini Teacher
Fertility Yoga Teacher/Hatha Yoga Teacher
Over 20 years experience

This 2 hour workshop is an intimate gathering with a maximum of just four participants.

A unique experience encompassing informed and positive steps you will take towards the goal of a much longed for baby.

Whether you are planning a natural conception or assisted
conception this is an invaluable tool for you to lean into during this special albeit a potentially
stressful time. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in a safe and confidential environment .

You will be guided to a place of deep relaxation through the fusion of Kundalini Kriyas and
meditation alongside the experience of a group nidra through which will be woven the Calm Conception* method.
You will experience the amazing power of Calm Conception* hypnosis in your Nidra . This
game changing tool will be recorded and available to download free to participants post the workshop. 

  • Bring is your beautiful self

  • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for yoga and something warm to slip on for your Nidra

  • Bring a pretty notebook/pen so you can jot down any information you want and use as your journal moving forward.

  • Bring an open heart and mind!


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