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WHEN : Sunday 29th October

TIME  : 10am - 3pm
LOCATION : 26 Ballantyne Rd, Mortdale

COST : $230 

HOSTS : Evonne Kelly

Hosted by : Evonne Kelly


Spring has sprung and with it a beautiful blossoming energy that is ideal for creating our dreams and achieving aspirations. 

Our Spring into Action : Wellness retreat is the perfect platform to revisit those motivations and unlock forgotten goals for the season. Dust off the cobwebs of your mind and come out of hibernation blooming with awakened inspiration.

Activities include :​

  • yoga

  • walking meditation

  • dream workshop

  • wholefood plant-based lunch

  • food-for-thought workshop

  • sound bath meditation 

This Retreat will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed, and motivated to work on creating your best version of YOU !!

Holistic Therapist

Massage & Beauty Therapist 

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Yoga Teacher

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