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Sound Therapy

Anastasia is a Crystal Bowl Sound Therapist, holistic Kinesiologist, Reiki practitioner, Reiki Master and ThetaHealing therapist based in Sydney, Australia and has been in her energy healing practice since 2018 and along her own healing journey for many years. 

She believes that the genesis (source, origin, root, beginning, start, commencement) of health resides within you. In her practice, Genesis of Health, she is committed to helping her clients to achieve their wellbeing goals, through a personalised approach. Through this belief that the body has an innate wisdom and an infinite capacity for change, renewal and healing, she taps into your infinite potential and ability to heal. 


Empowering her clients to identify and release blocks to the health of their body and emotional balance, Anastasia tailors her sessions to the unique needs of every client. Often combining her modalities, Anastasia works to help people identify the underlying contributing factors to their issues that include digestive disorders, anxiety, stress, emotional and physical pain, working alongside people to achieve their goals.  


As a result of her guidance, her clients are more balanced with their emotions, more accepting of their circumstances, with long lasting changes. This awareness is brought about through her Kinesiology and Sound Healing therapies. 


Vibrational Sound Healing remedies operate according to several principles. If an organ or a system is out of balance, or out of its normal vibrational frequency, we can use vibrational remedies to bring it back into its normal pattern. In essence, the vibrational remedy triggers a rippling effect that moves through the outer energy bands surrounding the physical body and into the particular area or system of the body to which it most strongly resonates.  


It is here that balance is restored, and it makes it possible for people to heal on a deeper level. Working with crystal singing bowls during a sound healing session works on a deeper level of healing, allowing your body to align to its normal vibrational frequency.  


The pure sound vibrations of the crystal bowls can restore your physical and subtle bodies to energetic patterns of harmony, health and balance. Healing with sound is deeply transforming. It is a powerful form of energetic healing, using many effective ways to integrate the amazing healing energy of crystal sound.  


Anastasia combines sound healing with Kinesiology and tailors the session for each client. Kinesiology, like sound healing, is one of the most comprehensive of the modern natural therapies. Kinesiologists look at the whole person in terms of a triangle of health. In short, combining Eastern medicine philosophy with the Western understanding of anatomy and physiology, precise muscle monitoring techniques are applied to identify and correct energy blockages within the body. Your body is designed to heal itself but can’t do this when there are blocks 


Kinesiology is a potent, safe, powerful, hands-on, drug-free natural approach to holistic health care. It is based on Chinese Medicine and the theory that ill health is the result of dysfunction in the body’s energy system. By restoring balance to the body’s energy flow, or Chi, kinesiology enhances the body’s natural ability to heal. The body’s energy flows along specific pathways called meridians, and from there directly to related muscles, associated organs and systems of the body, and to all the cells. 


This energy flow, however, often becomes blocked or out of balance, which, if left unresolved, may eventually affect a person’s health. This is referred to as the theory of the Chinese five-elements. To get your body back into balance and to achieve optimal health and well-being, both Kinesiology and Sound Healing help clear energetic blocks, so your body is empowered to heal itself, clearing the way for you to achieve your goals. 


Anastasia invites you to commit yourself to this deeper awareness, embracing every day as a new opportunity for infinite possibilities, and transcending obstacles that can afflict the body and mind. Come and experience the crystalline frequency of light in your daily life; releasing and healing deeply held emotional wounds; changing energy patterns, healing the physical body and enabling you to connect more deeply with your soul. 


Please find below, contact details for Anastasia: 


Anastasia Giovanoglou 
Genesis Of Health 

Crystal Sound Healing Therapist 
Kinesiologist / Mind Body Medicine 
Reiki Master 

Theta Healing Practitioner 

Mb: 0402 304 317 

Member: AKA, IEHA, SoulAdvisor 

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