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Making Sense Of The Silly Season

Are you surviving the silly season?


Everybody is noticeably jolly and just as equally busy. The sun is shining, the parties are in full swing and because of all these things and more your health has rapidly become the last priority.

Of course Christmas is meant to be fun and in no way is this about to be a suggestion to have less. Instead, how can we get through the silly season without falling too far off course and avoiding the guilt that so many feel with a little indulgence.


Here are my top tips for surviving the silly season.


1. Let go!

Give yourself a break. If you have made the decision to have some wine or extra dessert then there is strength in owning it and simply moving on. Making yourself feel guilty isn’t healthy nor is it worth the extra glass of wine. Also while we are on that note, there is no vibe kill like someone complaining about the extra calories they are consuming at the work Christmas party. No-one wants to hear it. Tomorrow is a new day and you can start afresh then.


2. Keep moving.

Not to punish yourself for eating the pudding, (Again with the unhealthy guilt!) but to keep the healthy routine up. Don’t have one? Christmas is never a bad time to start! A lot of people say they will start a new exercise regime in the new year, but there is no time like the present. Most of us take holidays over Christmas and actually have more time to exercise than we would in our normal work routine, making it perfect timing to get moving.

If you already have a routine, do your best to stick with it over the break. The fact that you currently exercise regularly probably means that you enjoy it or the benefits at least, so why would you want that to cease?

On the hot chance you aren’t feeling so motivated; enlist the help of a workout buddy!


3. Practice self control.

Just because it may be the season to be silly, doesn’t mean you have to be. We live in a society where we do everything in excess. Better gifts every year and bigger servings on our plates. 100% enjoy yourself, but keep in mind that just because it’s there, isn’t a good enough excuse to consume it. By learning to pick and choose when you indulge, you are creating balance for yourself and strengthening your ability to say no on occasions other than Christmas.


4. Hydrate.

If all else goes out the window, the best thing you can do is keep your fluids up ( with Water.) Water helps flush out the nasties, keeps you feeling fuller in between meals and aids with digestion. Large night on the booze or not, aim to start your day with a few tall glasses of the good stuff on an empty stomach, adding lemon if you are inclined for an extra digestion kick.

Not sure how much you should be having? A good trick is to roughly divide your body weight in kgs by 30 and this will give you the amount you should be drinking per day.


5. Enjoy yourself. Always.

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and while it is pretty great, the holiday period should be no different to the rest of the year in terms of diet and fun. We should be spreading the gratitude, thoughtfulness for others, family get-togethers and over indulging over the whole year, not just in December.

I guess it goes back to the old ‘everything in moderation’. 

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